Ms. LaConda Davies has exhibited remarkable singing and song writing abilities since the age of five and as a child she impressed all who heard her.
LaConda Davies just released 2 HOT singles, June 2016 entitled “SAME ME” and “I’M READY” featuring Don Diego on Saxophone. Both songs were composed written and produced by LaConda Davies at Mustaquim Records Studio and put out indie record label Phat Tune Recording. Check them out on iTunes and Amazon.

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Also be sure to check out “Going To Jail Tonight” and “Without You” on the Original Movie Soundtrack Nobody's Perfect: A Derrick Simmons Film about domestic violence.

Although LaConda loves to sing, she never knew her true abilities as a singer until her sixth grade teacher pointed it out to her. From there, her career was guided by her middle school choir teacher Ms. Diana Vernon who opened an opportunity for her to do her first music video that aired on national television. Ms. Diane believed that LaConda had everything it took to be a successful singer and songwriter including natural beauty, personality and dedication so she continued to help her develop.

LaConda initiated her career as a singer/songwriter/producer right after high school. While the journey has been an up and down adventure, LaConda never gave up and has worked unquestionably hard to make her own way in the industry by developing her craft and knowing were she fits in the entertainment business. She shares her life stories through her powerful writing and melodies. Her single titled "Love Somebody" written and produced by her for the movie soundtrack "Nobody's Perfect" is due to be released July 2016 with the support of Indie Label Phat Tune Recording. Many believe that one day, LaConda Davies will be known as a Legend.

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